Although most double glazing is essentially ‘maintenance free’, if you want your windows to last as long as possible, it’s going to take just a little time and effort.

Luckily, though, we’ve boiled your essential double-glazing care into easy tips and tricks to keep your windows at their best for years to come.

1. Double up

Whilst you should have your double glazing professionally cleaned at regular intervals throughout the year, it’s important that you routinely clean them yourself too. Clean the outside glass with soap and warm water with a soft cloth.

Our top tip: Adding a cup of white vinegar to your soap and water will stop streaks forming as your window dries, resulting a sparkling finish.

2. Inside and out

Remember, it’s not just the outside of your windows that need cleaning. The inside glass may not be exposed to the elements, but there’s still dust, harsh cleaners and aerosols in the air inside your home that could be building up on your double glazing, damaging it over time.

Find a good quality window cleaner for the insides of your windows. Make sure you use a soft cloth and remove any large items of debris to avoid accidently scratching or damaging the appearance of the glass.

3. Do it yourself

If there are small scratches on your double glazing, don’t panic! You can remove most glass scratches yourself by using a jeweller’s rouge or rubbing compound to make them look good as new.

4. Not just about the glass

Your windows’ frames need attention too. You can wash both the inside and outside UPVC frames with soapy water to remove grime.

DO NOT use abrasive or solvent-based cleaners on your windows or frames. For more stubborn marks and stains, you can use a nonabrasive proprietary cleaner or UPVC cream to tackle them.

5. Keep it moving

Make sure you clean around the hinges and inside the frame of your windows as well as the tracks and rails of any sliding windows too. These easily forgotten areas can accumulate dirt and grime over time – keeping them clean keeps all parts moving freely.

6. Don’t leave it too long

It’s important that you clean your double glazing regularly as it helps prevent dirt building up on the glass. When dirt it builds up too much, dirt can stick like cement and be extremely stubborn when it comes to cleaning it off.

This is especially important if you live near a busy road or the sea, where dirt is regularly thrown against your windows. The more often you do it, the easier they will be to clean.

7. Multitask

While routinely cleaning your double glazing, make sure you check your windows over for signs of wear or damage too. You can check if your seals may be damaged and causing draughts, or look for any scratches from debris kicked up from nearby traffic.

And if you think it might be time to replace your windows, it’s time to call someone out to give you the best quote.