Every home loses heat through its windows. Single glazed units lose more than double glazed ones, but even double glazing has its limits. Energy efficient windows will help you reduce the amount of heat that is lost from your home in this way.

But are they really worth it? As with any energy efficiency plan, it makes sense to consider the pros and cons. This will obviously include the associated costs of the windows, not to mention the advantages they will bring you if you decide to invest in them.

What are the costs?

Energy efficient windows are rated depending on how energy efficient they actually are. Each window will be rated between A and E, with A being the best that money can buy. E is still energy efficient, but not as good as any of the other lettered windows above it.

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The costs to you will depend on how many windows you need and perhaps also their sizes (depending on the company you choose to install them for you). You will pay more for A rated windows, but then you will also lose far less heat through them.

As you can see you need to weigh up the cost of installation against the potential savings that will be gained over time. According to the Energy Saving Trust, savings of £170 per year could be achieved if you opted for B rated energy efficient double glazing. Of course you will have the initial cost of investing in the new windows, so you have to weigh up the pros and cons before making the best decision for your needs.

What are the advantages?

Clearly you will be able to look forward to cheaper energy bills once the new double glazing is installed. The savings you can make depend on the rating of your windows and the reduction in energy you will use to heat your home.

There are other advantages as well. Energy efficient double glazing is able to insulate your home from noise as well as the cold air from outside. This makes your home quieter and more peaceful, which can be a real boon if you happen to live on a busy road.

If you currently have single glazing or poor quality double glazing that has reached the end of its life, you will also notice far less condensation. In fact the most efficient glazing is likely not to produce this at all. You will also notice far fewer draughts, and this too will help to keep your home warmer.


In the end you should consider the pros and cons of replacing your existing windows, and the costs associated with doing so. If you do decide to look into getting new energy efficient double glazing, you should get a number of quotes from a reputable source to ensure you get the most cost effective solution possible. Prices vary considerably between companies so it is worth shopping around and balancing the best windows and service with the best outcome for you.