Of all the different types of windows typically used in UK homes, perhaps the most iconic – and for many the most attractive – is the sash window. Beloved of architects from Georgian times and into the twentieth century, sash windows are renowned for their stylish appearance and space-saving functionality. And, thanks to modern designs, it is possible to get uPVC sash windows that provide all the benefits of double glazing while staying faithful to the original look and feel of the property.

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What is a sash window?

A typical sash window is made up two frames (sashes), each with anything between one and six panes of glass, depending on the size of the window. In order to open the window, one frame slides over the other within the window case while being stabilised by sash weights. These weights are attached to cords that are hidden inside the window case.

Take a look at any classic-style property that still has its original fittings, and the chances are that you will see sash windows. The reason why these windows have had such an enduring appeal is that they not only look good, but they are easy to use, and the fact that one sash slides over the other means that they don’t take up any extra space when opened.

A modern material for a classic style

Not surprisingly, as a property ages, so the state of its fixtures and fittings deteriorates. Many older buildings, with their original window fittings, are unable to keep out the cold, and the increasing cost of heating such properties, as well as the rise in bills and needless energy wastage, makes getting new double-glazed windows a priority. The most popular and readily-available material for double-glazed window fittings is uPVC – a type of plastic that is cheap, durable and incredibly easy to keep clean. But how does a traditional style property maintain its classic appearance with such a modern material being used for its window frames?

The good news is that uPVC can be used perfectly well in sash windows, and it doesn’t have to look glaringly modern or out of keeping with the rest of the property. Indeed, there are many specialist firms who offer attractive, and even classic-style, sash windows that are in fact made with uPVC rather than timber. In recent years, it has been the focus of many window designers to create sash windows that faithfully replicate the older styles in terms of appearance, using the very latest materials – such as uPVC – in order to create beautiful windows that also provide excellent insulation and cut out external noise pollution.

The right look at the right price

The sash windows that adorned the majority of properties built in the Victorian era were originally made with wood sourced from the Baltic region. In order to stay sympathetic to the look and feel of the original sash windows, some contemporary designs use a woodgrain foil available in white and a number of other colours, or wood effects, that closely resemble traditional timber frames. The result is a modern uPVC sash window that is perfectly in keeping with the pleasing appearance of a period property.

Although sash windows tend to be more expensive than casement windows, with uPVC frames the prices need not become excessive. By getting quotes for uPVC sash windows from a number of reputable suppliers, you will be able to find not only the best deal, but also the designs that will be most faithful to your property.