When you are considering having new windows installed, there are many questions that need answering. One of the main ones concerns the material you will choose for the window frames. While uPVC window frames are very common and popular nowadays, they are by no means the only choice. Indeed, you may find a surprising number of benefits that come with choosing aluminium windows instead.

Let’s take a look at the advantages that each type of window has to offer, so you can decide what would be best for you.

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What are the benefits of having uPVC windows?

Having new windows installed is not a cheap process, regardless of how big or small your property is and how many windows you have. However, uPVC does offer the advantage of being the cheapest material to use for the frames. This alone can significantly change the total price you may have to pay.

The material is also very durable and it is not unusual for uPVC windows to last for many years. This is why you will often see window companies offering a guarantee of ten years on their uPVC windows. This provides you with peace of mind; after all if you spend money on new windows you want to be sure they will last.

There is also the convenience of not having to maintain them every couple of years. All that is required is a quick wash with a clean cloth and some soapy water to keep them looking their best. This is in direct contrast to other window frame types which can require more work.

They also provide good security and generally come with secure locks that will provide you with peace of mind. Finally you will notice significantly less noise once your double glazed uPVC units have been installed.

What are the benefits of having aluminium windows?

Quite often when you start looking for replacement windows you’ll find two choices presented to you – uPVC frames or wooden frames. However there is a third choice, and that’s aluminium. But why is this worth considering, and what benefits does it have to offer?

For starters aluminium frames can be much thinner than uPVC ones. This means you can achieve a large area of glass (and therefore more light and a better view) with aluminium frames than you could with uPVC frames.

If you are building a modern property, aluminium frames can also be made in shapes other than the usual rectangles and squares. As such they can give you more freedom to be creative when constructing a new property.

Aluminium frames also offer the opportunity to significantly reduce the amount of maintenance your windows will require. They are able to withstand quite harsh weather conditions as well, which is good to know wherever you live.

Finally, you will also have far more options when it comes to the colour you would like your frames finished in. Furthermore, once the frames are finished to your chosen colour, you will never need to repaint them.