Giving your home a completely new set of windows is not only a great way of sprucing up its appearance; there is also a long-term financial benefit. It will help to make your property more energy efficient, which will bring down costly heating bills, and it will also add to the value of your house should you ever need to move.

However, there’s no denying that a new set of windows for the whole property will add up to a significant initial sum. The exact amount you end up paying depends on a few key factors (outlined below), but there are ways that you can make that you only pay as much as you need to.

As long as you arm yourself with as much relevant information as possible and get quotes from a few different installers in your local area, you will be in a position to make an informed decision and get the best possible deal available to you.

The factors that influence replacement window prices

The size of your house, or more specifically the number and size of windows that are being replaced, is the biggest single factor in determining the overall cost that you will pay for replacement windows (rough guides for costs according to the size of the property are detailed in the section below).

Another key factor is the type of glazing you choose. Triple glazing is more costly than double glazing. The general view is that double glazing is sufficiently effective at keeping out in the cold in the British climate, while triple glazing is more commonly used in Scandinavian countries.

The type of frame that you choose, as well as the material, will also have a massive effect on the eventual cost. Casement windows are considered the standard, and come at a considerably lower price than sash windows, for example. The most cost effective window frame material available is uPVC, while wooden or aluminium frames will likely be more expensive. If your property has a number of bay windows, which typically consist of five frames per window, this will drive the price up.

The other major influence of the overall price of replacement windows is your location, with prices being higher in London and the South East than in other areas. Some installers will factor in the distance to the job, so if you live in an isolated location, you may have to pay a little extra.

Replacement window prices by house size

What follows are some rough prices for replacement casement and sash windows in standard-type houses of different sizes. These prices represent an average that allows for the various influential factors mentioned above, and all of them are for uPVC frames.

Average price of replacing uPVC windows by house size and window type
House Size Casement Windows Sash Windows
Small Terrace (6 windows) £2500 £4500
Semi-Detached (10 windows) £3500 £6500
Large Detached (17 windows) £5500 £10000

Casement windows for a small terraced, which has six windows, will cost around £2500. Sash windows will be around £4500.

The replacement casement windows of a semi-detached house with ten windows will be around £3500, and £6000 for sash windows.

Casement windows for a large detached property with 17 windows will be around £5500, and sash windows will cost roughly £10,000.

For more detailed information and prices, it is advisable to request multiple quotes from reputable suppliers, so that you can weigh up the options available and get yourself the best deal possible.

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