Did you know there are strict legal requirements included in the building regulations surrounding the building and installation of doors? It makes sense this should be so, but it also means you may be concerned as to whether your chosen double glazing supplier will provide you with the doors you want.

The good news is that reliable dedicated and experienced suppliers will always meet all guidelines and rules. It does however mean that you are better off hiring a company to fit your double glazed doors on your behalf, rather than trying to tackle the job on your own.

The doors must offer a fast escape route and be safe to use

No one likes to think they would ever have the need to escape quickly from their home. But if this should happen you must be able to get out through a door (or window) as quickly as possible.

Safety glass is also crucial when a door has glass panels included in it, as most of them do nowadays. Safety glass is harder to break and thus there is a reduced incidence of accidents. However if it should break it will crumble into small harmless pieces rather than shattering into sharp panels or pieces.

Double Glazed Door

The doors must also be energy efficient according to current guidelines

Most people know double glazing is more energy efficient than single glazing. The two panes of glass are able to repel cold air from outside and retain warmer air from inside the building.

The same applies to doors. Both doors and windows will have a U-Value that determines how efficient they are at retaining energy in the home.

Providing you use a reputable and experience supplier you won’t need to worry about any of this. All of these factors will already have been taken into account when manufacturing your doors. You can of course ask for more information on each aspect of the guidelines surrounding the manufacture of doors in the UK; any good company will be only too happy to assist you with the information you need. Rest assured your doors will be safe, usable and energy efficient too.