Your front door is more than just the main entrance into your home. It should provide security, as well as an appealing look that should tie in with the rest of your home.

If you are thinking about choosing a new front door it makes sense to consider all the options available to you. We’ve got some advice that will make it easier to choose the best door for your needs.

Should you choose solid wood or uPVC?

There are pros and cons for both these situations. Solid wood is stronger and more robust, but it does require regular maintenance. You should repaint it every year or two to ensure it lasts as long as possible. In contrast, uPVC doors are usually cheaper and require little to no maintenance other than the occasional wash with clean soapy water.

There is a third option too, and this is a composite door. As the name would suggest, a range of materials are used to create this type of door. These include uPVC and wood, as well as insulating foam to prevent heat loss and insulate against noise.

What about the use of glass?

Adding glass panels to a front door gives you the opportunity to let some light into your hallway. Without them your hall could be dark and unwelcoming. There are lots of different designs for front doors, some of which have smaller glass panels and some that have larger ones. Typically speaking there will be panels at the top and it just depends on the style as to how many there are and how far down the door they come.

Classic and modern designs

As you will see when you start shopping for a new front door, there are lots of different styles you can choose from. For example some are classic in appearance, such as a Victorian front door. This typically has two long glass panels in the top half and two inset panels in the bottom half. There are also half glass versions where the top half has one glass panel.

Edwardian doors either have a half moon glass panel at the very top, or two solid or glass square sections. These have four long strips below them, the top two of which can be in glass or are solid, depending on your requirements.

Contemporary doors come in all kinds of designs. Most of them will have glass panels in, but they could be in any shape and any location. Some may forgo the glass if the entrance to the home is large enough to have full or half length glass panels either side of the door.

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