Before we go any further we have to say that the answer to the above question is a resolute “Yes!”…with bells on. Yes, you absolutely need double glazing or secondary glazing of some kind, because without it you are literally letting money float off into the atmosphere. For a relatively low initial cost, double glazing brings all kind of benefits and can only improve your life and your home.

How does double glazing work?

A single pane of glass has no thermal barrier to the outside and will allow cool air to come in and warm air to leak out. This leads to condensation and cold patches on and around every pane of glass in your home. Double glazing is two panes of glass within the window unit that capture gas between them. This space between the panes forms a thermal barrier, preventing heat loss in your home.

Advantages of double glazed windows

Save money

According to the Energy Saving Trust, the average semi-detached home can save between £75 and £110 in heating bills per year depending on the rating of the windows used. As double glazing will cost anything upwards of £2,000 to have installed it may seem like a large investment that will take some time to pay off. But consider that having double glazing on your homes will improve its value and its saleability compared to single glazing. A factor well worth thinking about.


There really is nothing worse than living in a cold home. For those people who are susceptible to cold related illnesses, a cold house can be unsafe and for the rest of us it is uncomfortable. If you are sitting with your heating on full and a blanket over your knees, perhaps investing in double glazing should be at the forefront of your mind.

Peace and quiet

Surprisingly, the installation of double glazing can significantly impact on the amount of noise that your hear from outside your home. If you happen to live on a busy road, getting double glazing could truly transform the way you sleep and the quality of your life.

Saving the planet

The fact is that adding plastic windows with extra glass to your home is actually better for the environment than sticking with wooden frames that have been there forever. It might seem counterintuitive, but the environmental issues surround the amount of gas and electricity you need to use to heat your home. As well as the impressive money savings, you are doing a good thing for the planet too.

It looks better!

Double glazing is easier to look after and will come up clean with nothing more than a quick wipe, while wooden frames require sanding and painting to maintain their good looks. You can also choose from a variety of double glazing frame types and colours to compliment your home.

So, don’t take our word for it – talk to your friends and family and see what a difference double glazing has made to their lives. We think you will be splashing out in time for next winter.

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