Letting more light into your home

June 18th, 2018 Abbie Clarke (Abbie) Exeter, UK

It’s starting to get to that time of year again. Long, light evenings are on their way and, despite our better judgement, we’re preparing ourselves for a sunny summer this year. We all look forward to the sunshine, but do you know the incredible benefits that come with natural light? Letting more light into your… Read more »

The 7 deadly sins of home security

May 23rd, 2018 Abbie Clarke (Abbie) Exeter, UK

We all deserve to feel safe in our own homes, yet many of us seem to forget to that keeping your home secure takes work. It isn’t until we hear about a local robbery or read about a burglary in the paper that we start to think about how secure our homes really are, not… Read more »

Why people replace windows before putting their home on the market

April 26th, 2018 Abbie Clarke (Abbie) Exeter, UK

If you’re thinking of selling your home, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best price possible. A quick clean-up and a fresh lick of paint can do wonders for a house on the market but, today, homebuyers’ expectations are set much higher. So, what are homebuyers looking for? Of course, each person that… Read more »

The real cost of cheap home improvements

April 12th, 2018 Abbie Clarke (Abbie) Exeter, UK

In 2016 alone, more than 4,000 people across the UK approached Citizens’ Advice regarding a problem with their new window or door fittings. Cowboy handymen are every homeowner’s worst nightmare; and when your home improvements are in their hands, things can turn ugly. Chief Executive of Citizens’ Advice, Gillian Guy, spoke of the thousands of… Read more »

Keeping your family safe (child-safe windows)

March 28th, 2018 Abbie Clarke (Abbie) Exeter, UK

Every year, more than 4,000 children under the age of 15 injure themselves falling from windows, according to new research from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA). The study showed that these incidents occur much more often in summer, when windows are most likely to be left open for the heat. Whilst… Read more »

What happens to your old windows?

March 8th, 2018 Abbie Clarke (Abbie) Exeter, UK

Twenty years ago, almost 80% of all the windows replaced in the UK were made of wood, and just 3% were uPVC. By 2015, the number of uPVC windows taken out reached almost 50%. With 70% of new window replacements now being made from the plastic, uPVC windows are considered the ‘replacements of replacements’; with… Read more »

How is double glazing energy efficient?

February 22nd, 2018 Abbie Clarke (Abbie) Exeter, UK

Energy efficient glazing is one of the best investments you make for your home to help reduce both your carbon footprint and your energy bills. It is an uphill battle to keep your home warm when you have inefficient insulation. There is no use in spending hundreds of pounds on heating every year when so… Read more »

How do you know when it’s time to get double glazing?

February 7th, 2018 Abbie Clarke (Abbie) Exeter, UK

Many homeowners try to put off replacing their old and tired windows for as long as they can, not realising that they are costing themselves more money in energy bills the longer they wait. Your windows do a lot more than just keep in the warmth too. If you recognise any of the following problems,… Read more »

When do you need planning consent for double glazing?

January 25th, 2018 Abbie Clarke (Abbie) Exeter, UK

So, you’ve decided to have new double-glazed windows installed in your home. You want to save money and energy in keeping your home warm, rejuvenate your property’s appearance, and you’re eager to get started. But before you can get started, you need to make sure you’re actually allowed to do so.   More often than… Read more »

7 cleaning tips to help your double glazing last longer

January 4th, 2018 Abbie Clarke (Abbie) Exeter, UK

Although most double glazing is essentially ‘maintenance free’, if you want your windows to last as long as possible, it’s going to take just a little time and effort. Luckily, though, we’ve boiled your essential double-glazing care into easy tips and tricks to keep your windows at their best for years to come. 1. Double… Read more »