Do you need to get double glazing installed at your home? Are you feeling overwhelmed and daunted by the idea?

If you are, don’t worry – you are not alone. The good news is you can easily ensure the process is less daunting than it might appear at the moment. The first step is to get a few quotes for the work that needs to be done. This will open the way to find the best price and the best contractor.

Before choosing, make sure your contractor is registered either with CERTASS or FENSA. This certification will ensure your new double glazing is approved and complies with current regulations. It will take a huge headache out of the process.

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It’s worth knowing that once you agree to a price and a company to do the work their surveyor will come round to measure up for the job. This shouldn’t take too long and once it is done the work can go ahead. Be sure you check the information you are given – the last thing you want is for the company to turn up with windows you didn’t order. Check all the openings and finishes are the ones you want before you agree to go ahead.

The actual installation process is quite straightforward. You will usually find it is done in a day or two, depending on how many windows you have to replace. It may also take slightly longer if you are getting new doors as well. Find out how much notice you will get in advance of them turning up, so you know what to expect and when the job will be done.

In all honesty you may find you end up with your brand new windows a lot sooner than you thought. That’s the beauty of ordering new double glazing.