If you are looking for a conservatory that will not only give you plenty of extra living space and help to increase the amount of daylight that reaches your interior, but will also add a touch of class to your home’s exterior, then a gable front design could very well be what you are looking for. Timeless, distinctive and visually appealing, gable front conservatories help to make any property appear even more distinguished and luxurious. With a classic design that has passed the test of time, and with many practical benefits to boast of, it is little surprise that so many people opt for a gable-fronted conservatory when selected a new extension for their home.

What is a gable front conservatory?

A gable is a triangular portion of wall between two sloping sides of a roof. Homes with gable roofs are found throughout the UK, and the design style is as common in new builds as it is in homes from the Victorian era and even earlier. A conservatory with a gable front has a roof that mimics this classic design: the end portion of the conservatory roof stays upright rather than sloping back to the centre. This front elevation allows for the glazing to extend directly upwards, and gives the whole end of the conservatory a pleasing ‘sunburst’ effect. As a result, even more light is able to flood into the conservatory, and this extra quantity of available daylight is one the defining characteristics of gable-fronted conservatories.

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As to the overall shape of a conservatory with a gable front, it usually follows the model of Georgian and Edwardian conservatories: either square or rectangular. This straightforward layout allows the conservatory to maximise the available space. Indeed, gable front conservatories are well known for their airiness. Thanks to its right-angled corners and extra roof space at the far end, a gable fronted conservatory is the perfect place to keep larger pieces of furniture, or even tall plants. When it comes to making the best use of available space, the practical benefits of gable-fronted conservatories are considerable.

Types of gable-fronted conservatories

As well as being a practical and beneficial choice of conservatory design style, many people choose a gable front design because of its attractiveness and sense of grandeur. Based on a blueprint that has been used for hundreds of years, the distinctive gable front is particularly well suited to older properties, helping to bolster the sense of tradition and heritage that the architecture of the house is able to convey. That being said, a gable front conservatory also makes an excellent addition to a newer home – helping to give it a time-honoured elegance that belies its years.

Gable front conservatories are available in a selection of frame types, including uPVC, timber and aluminium. Many conservatories of this type come with a dwarf wall, and glazing options include glass or polycarbonate. As an enduringly popular type of design, gable front conservatories are as accessible and flexible as you need them to be. Always seek a selection of estimates from trusted suppliers before making your final decision; by getting a number of quotes you will be better placed to find the best deal, and the best possible design, for you and your home.