Twenty years ago, almost 80% of all the windows replaced in the UK were made of wood, and just 3% were uPVC. By 2015, the number of uPVC windows taken out reached almost 50%.

With 70% of new window replacements now being made from the plastic, uPVC windows are considered the ‘replacements of replacements’; with newer, more efficient models taking centre stage.

But what happens to the old windows once they are no longer of use? For the environmentally conscious, this is certainly a cause for concern.

Old uPVC frames and glass are non-biodegradable. That means, if left in a landfill, they’ll sit there for centuries to come.

Any double-glazing specialist worth their salt will make it their mission to recycle your old windows responsibly.

At Double Glazing Prices, we are proud to support companies that never waste perfectly good materials.

In fact, since the same piece of uPVC can be recycled as many as ten times, your old window could be used and reused for more than 300 years!

What do we do?

Our specialist technicians will remove your old, inefficient windows before installing a brand new set. First, we’ll carefully take out the glass, then remove the frame and any other metalwork. Once your new double glazing is fitted, our team will break up the old frame and take it away with them.

It is then returned to the factory and escorted to the recycling area, where it will be broken down to its raw components. Glass from your old window is also returned to the manufacturer.

What happens to the materials from your window?

In uPVC windows, the plastic is shredded into tiny pieces and melted down. It can then be used to create something new; saving useful materials from being pointlessly thrown away.

So, what could your old windows possibly be reborn as?

Medical equipment – a lot of medical and dental equipment, such as retainers, are actually made of recycled uPVC. That means, technically, you could be wearing your old window frames!

Pipes – due to its smooth texture and robustness, recycled uPVC is the most common material for plastic piping.

Garden furniture – after years of withstanding the elements as your windows, recycled uPVC makes for strong, resistant garden furniture and window boxes.

Toys – extremely strong and versatile, uPVC is great for manufacturing toys.

New windows – yes, your windows could even return to you in the future. Old uPVC windows are frequently melted down and used to create the hidden parts of new window frames.

Windows that are not made from uPVC are also recycled and repurposed. Aluminium and steel frames are re-smelted, and timber frames can be turned into chipboard.

At the manufacturer’s, the glass from your window it is melted down to be used again.

Something about knowing nothing is wasted makes the whole process of replacing your windows feel entirely guilt free. We care about the environment as much as we care about your home.

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