Winter is coming. We all know it and many of us can already feel the icy weather creeping in. Making sure your home is winter ready before the frosty season goes into full swing will save you a great deal of money on your energy bill as well as making sure you and your family are warm and cosy until spring returns.

Here is your ultimate checklist for preparing your home for this winter.

Baby, it’s cold outside

December may be fast approaching, but there is no reason you should have to wear woolly jumpers inside your own house. You can assume you’ll be needing to heat your home more often in the months to come, so make sure you book your boiler service for as early as possible.

You want to check your boiler is working as efficiently as possible, and that you’re not at risk of it breaking down during the snowy season. Have your boiler inspected by a qualified engineer to make sure you won’t be left without heat when you need it the most.

Don’t let the warmth escape

Getting your home warm is one thing, keeping it that way is another. Around 20% of the heat in your home is lost, so it’s vital you alleviate the main escape routes before it gets too cold outside.

Search your home for the most likely culprits. This could be fully or partially unsealed vents, extractor fans or skylights. However, the vast majority of your home’s heat is lost through inefficient doors and windows.

Check the seals on all of your windows and doors to see if there is any damage. If they’re broken, make sure you get them repaired as quickly as possible.

A lot of heat in your house can be lost if you have single-glazed windows and even double-glazed windows that were fitted before 2006. They may need to be replaced or updated with modern, thermally efficient double glazing. Make sure you find a reputable and highly qualified glazing professional for your installation to ensure long-lasting results.

Keep consumption under control

We’re talking about energy consumption here, not your Christmas dinner! It’s normal for your energy bills to rise during winter as you’ll most likely have your heating on more often and need to stop pipes freezing over.

However, reducing the amount of energy lost through outdated, thin and improperly sealed windows can greatly cut down your heating bill this winter. If you live in a semi-detached house with electric heating and only single-glazed timber windows, you could potentially save an average of £446 a year by switching to A+ rated energy efficient double-glazed windows.

Modern windows can also greatly improve your home’s security. Because double glazed glass is much thicker and frames are more durable, they can withstand much higher levels of force than older designs. There’s a reason Santa comes down the chimney, not our windows!

If your home isn’t winter ready, talk to your local professional double glazing installer now about getting energy-saving and home-warming double glazing installed in time for Christmas.