When you read about the advantages of double glazing, one of the main benefits is always listed as the prevention of heat loss. However this is not the only advantage you will notice when you get double glazing installed in your own home.

Noise pollution can be upsetting, distracting and detrimental to our daily lives. Yet we often take it for granted in our own homes. If you live on a busy road or you have people walking past at all hours of the day and night, their voices and actions may disturb you. However if you install double glazing you may be surprised at how much quieter and more peaceful your home will be as a result.

Plane Over House

Three things will happen when noise of any kind reaches your window. Some will be deflected off the glass, while some will be absorbed by it. And as we all know, a degree of the noise will carry through to where we can hear it. Double glazing does a good job of either deflecting or absorbing the noise, so less is able to get through to the inside of our homes. This is ideal if you live in a busy area or your house is right on the street. The two panes of glass in each double glazed window protect you – not just from heat loss and the cold seeping in from outside, but also from excessive or even everyday noise from outside.

This is good news for anyone living in a noisy area. But it will also help if you are trying to sell your home, because you can demonstrate that even when it is noisy outside, only a small amount of that noise will be heard in the rooms at the front of your home. Double glazing is certainly far better for combating noise pollution than single glazed windows.

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