A casement window is one that has at least one casement, which means many windows fall into this category. For example, a window with a central bar where both sides open would be a casement window with two casements in its design.

Of course the most important question is what the price will be for new casement windows. Read on to find out more information.

Average price examples

Pricing for casement windows will depend on how many openers you want and the size of the window required. The materials used will also have a bearing on the final price, not to mention the labour costs involved in having them installed.

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However it is possible to get an idea of what you should expect. If you want uPVC casement windows, the latest prices provide a ballpark figure of around £150 to £400 per window. The larger the window gets, the larger the price is likely to be. However some companies charge per window rather than giving different prices per size. In this case you might find the average price compared to the figures above is slightly higher than the lowest rate, but it will be the same regardless of size.

If you decide to get wooden casement windows you can expect to pay more for each one. In this case the lowest price is likely to be around £160, while the highest could be around £650 per window. The average price is also significantly more than it would be for uPVC windows, coming in at over £300 per window. One company charged £175 for a basic wooden window measuring 630 x 750mm, and £703 for one measuring 2339 x 1500mm. As you can see, size does have a significant bearing on cost, especially with regard to wooden frames.

Obviously the cost will also depend on the company you go with and the quality of glass used. You also need to consider the accessories, such as the quality of the locks and so on. These elements can all make a difference.

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Providing you with average prices and ballpark figures for replacement casement windows is a great starting point, but you should remember these are averages and they can change. By using our quick and easy online quote calculator you can be sure of getting the most up to date and accurate quotes you are looking for. You’ll then be able to press ahead with confidence and choose the best company – and the best casement windows – for your needs and your property.