Asking for a double-glazing quote can be a daunting task, considering how glazing salespeople are perceived. How do you avoid pushy tactics and get the quote you want that is a competitive price for 2017?

Below is a rough guide to double glazing prices in 2017:

The price of a double-glazing quote will often be offered at a higher price by the salesperson initially and this is likely to drop during their pitch. Ideally, you should avoid signing up for double-glazing immediately. Your price might end up dropping by 75% by the end of the pitch and you need to hold out for the best quote possible. You also need time to mull it over and compare with other similar quotes from other companies.

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This table shows some example costs for various double glazing replacement scenarios. It’s worth considering that these are average prices and the price you are charged will vary depending on the type and quantity of windows you require.


Window Type Number of Windows Price Range
Sash Windows 4 bedroom house £14,000 – £18,000
Bay Windows 3 units, with 5 panels each £4,000 – £8,000
Standard uPVC 12 units for a modern 3 bed house £4,500 – £5,500
Standard uPVC Single £300 – £400
uPVC Door Front Door £550 – £600


Double-glazing will vary greatly in price, depending on the size of your home and how many windows you wish to have glazed and also taking into account the type of window you want to have. Sash windows tend to be more expensive to glaze than standard upvc windows or a modern home, for example. In today’s marketplace, however, there are always great savings to be made, as installation companies compete with each other to win your custom.

Choosing the right company is vital for your double glazing installation, as this is a serious investment. Luckily there are some useful tips on how to do this easily.

Compare 3 quotes and choose the best

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Firstly, ask friends and family for any recommendations. If they are happy with the service they received and price quoted, the chances are that you will be too.

You should request quotes for your double-glazing, so that you can compare and contrast them to see if they differ widely and why this is.

Make sure you understand the costs involved, including what is standard and what are optional extras to the service (or upgrades that cost you).

Ask the company you are thinking of choosing for addresses you can visit so that you can see their handiwork and assess it for yourself.

Choose a company that is recommended and has a good record of customer feedback because of the service it offers. A company like this will be happy to resolve any issues you may have with the installation because they want to maintain their satisfied client record.

There are different window types that suit different homes and the price to double glaze these will vary considerably.

Casement windows are understated and classic and will generally suit most properties, from rustic cottages to modern pads. These windows are available in aluminium, timber and upvc.

Cottage windows give your home a traditional feel and are ideal for old style properties. The windows are Georgian and these are available as casement and tilt and turn, as upvc sash and Georgian style aluminium casement windows.

Double-glazed sash windows offer a classic touch to your home and are visually very appealing in their design. Preserve the rustic charm and emphasise the history of your windows and home with sash fittings. These windows are available in timber or upvc and can be made to suit your home perfectly. They are fully sealed, giving you the best of both worlds.

Dual turn windows give you great flexibility as well as eye catching designs. They are highly practical, as the sashes in the frame will swing around, allowing you to clean the windows from the inside. Dual turn windows are offered in various colours and with different glass options, such as Georgian bars, tinted and etched glass.

Tilt and turn windows allow you to ventilate your home, whilst still being able to lock the windows in place to prevent intruders from entering a room uninvited. A half turn of the window handle will let the window swing internally from the side, whilst a quarter turn opens the window top so that it tilts inwards.

Choose a reputable company that will offer you a competitive quote and install your double glazed windows promptly and skilfully. The service offered should be professional at all times, as well as being helpful and geared towards your own individual situation. After sales service is important and should be included, should you experience any problems with your product once fitted.

Your new double glazed windows should be energy efficient and you should really feel the benefit within your home, making savings on your heating bills.

Your new windows will offer you effective noise reduction as well as added security.

Compare 3 quotes and choose the best

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