Many homeowners try to put off replacing their old and tired windows for as long as they can, not realising that they are costing themselves more money in energy bills the longer they wait.

Your windows do a lot more than just keep in the warmth too. If you recognise any of the following problems, it may be time for you to consider a new, effective replacement.


Your windows look like they’ve seen better days

The exterior of your house endures the elements 24/7 so it’s no surprise that your windows will eventually carry a little wear and tear. In many cases, a quick clean up can get your frames and panes looking refreshed, and you may even be able to repair small chips and scratches yourself.

But if your windows are cracked, mould and damp can easily form around the frames inside your home. And if you have double glazed panes, even the smallest gap could cause the insulating gas to leak out and your windows to mist up.


Your wooden frames are falling apart

Rot is one of the most important reasons you may need to replace your windows. Not only does it drag down the value of your property, rotting wood can make your windows unstable as the frame could give way any minute.

It may also lead to gaps forming and allowing both the cold air in and the heat in your home to escape.


You struggle to open or close your windows properly

If your windows stick when you try to open them, don’t close fully or slam shut by themselves, they can be a huge safety hazard – particularly when you have children around.

Straining every time you want to open your windows or having to try more than once to get it closed is pretty annoying and inconvenient.

It wastes your time and is a big indicator that it’s time to get a replacement.


Your house is freezing cold

Drafts and cold air from closed windows are clear signs that it might be time for you to upgrade. As your windows get older, the seals in or around the glass can fail and allow the cold air inside.

If you only have a single pane window, it’s likely your house will be cold even if there is no problem with the seals. That’s because there is only one thin layer between your room and the outside with no kind of insulation. All the heat in your home can easily escape, so it’ll cost you considerably more to keep your home warm.


You can hear everything outside

When you buy a house or flat, there’s one vital aspect you’re unlikely to notice in a viewing. Being able to hear every little noise outside your bedroom might keep you awake all night, and if you live near a busy road or high street, the constant sound can be very stressful.

With double glazed windows, the insulation means the vast majority of outside noise is shut out. If they aren’t doing their job anymore, or you only have single glazed windows, then it’s probably time to replace them.


You can’t see through the fog

Condensation is the most common problem you’ll experience with old windows and is a widespread issue in the UK thanks to our moist and humid weather.

Are the insides of your single glazed windows always steaming up? This is usually due to ventilation problems in your home and windows, and the problem can be made much worse if there are a lot of people in the house. If left alone, this moisture builds up can cause mould and damp to form around your window, which can negatively impact on your health.

However, if the condensation is forming on the outside of your window, it is actually a good sign. It shows that your home is a lot warmer on the inside.

Look out for condensation in between the panes of your double glazing. If water is forming there, it is a sure sign that there is a gap in the seal somewhere. The insulating gas in between the layers will have leaked out, meaning you’ll be losing much of the heat in your home.


Your furniture is fading

This is a sign that you need to replace your windows that not many people know about. If your curtains, carpet, artwork, sofas or any other surface in your home has started to fade in colour, the problem is down to your windows.

Modern double glazing comes with built in UV protection. When you only have single panes or older double glazed windows, all of your belongings and anyone in your home is exposed to the harmful rays. Replacing your windows may be less hassle than wearing sun cream around the house all of the time.

If you think it’s time for you to get double glazing, speak to a local, trusted installer about the options that are open to you.