Energy prices are usually the biggest expense a household has after the mortgage/rent and for some families it’s a real worry, particularly in the winter. We’d all like to see cheaper bills and whilst most of the country dreads the austerity cuts, a cut in energy bills would be more than welcome. So what practical steps can you take to cut down your consumption of gas and electricity whilst cutting your bills without leaving you in the cold, feeling blue?




Most houses lose a good percentage of heat out from their walls and loft spaces so it makes sense to insulate these areas. Some energy companies or local councils will offer free loft and cavity wall insulation so have a look around to see what offers there are.

Loft insulation is a pretty straightforward, albeit messy, job. Most DIY stores will sell loft insulation in rolls so all you need to do is roll it out onto the loft floor. Just make sure that you are wearing goggles, gloves and a mask to protect yourself from the glass fibres of the insulation.

Cavity wall insulation is a trickier job that needs professional insulators but it’s an investment well worth considering as you will start to reap the benefits and the insulation will pay for itself within the first couple of years.

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Lag Your Pipes

If your pipes are not lagged then you risk water damage from freezing pipes in the winter. With UK winters getting colder, this is a job that should not be put off because the damage caused by freezing pipes can be extensive. Luckily this is also a very simple job – just buy some pipe lagging material from any DIY store, cut it to size and fit it over your water pipes in the loft. This then simply completes the task at hand.

Pipe Lagging

Pipe Lagging

Hot Water Tank Jackets

We might benefit from jackets in the winter and so does your hot water tank. Buy an inexpensive water tank jacket and fit it snugly over your tank to keep that extra heat sealed in.

Draught Excluders

Shut all your windows and doors and then examine your home carefully to see where the draughts are coming in. Windows and doors are the main culprits but draughty windows do not necessarily mean a hefty double glazing bill. Adhesive window sealants are cheap and widely available – just stick them around the draughty window to make a huge difference.

Letter boxes can also be sealed effectively with brush strips that allow the post in but cuts out that chilly air. Brush strips can also be purchased for the bottom of doors too or you could get a funky, furry draught excluder sausage!

Insulating Curtains

Just by ensuring that your curtains are lined and fitted property, you can further help stop window draughts. In fact you can even buy cheap thermal curtains in most colours.

We hope you benefit from our few simple tips that provide cheap and effective draught excluding measures for your home.