Nearly every homeowner wants new or replacement double-glazing for their home but, as with everything, cost is always going to be a major consideration.

So, let’s look at what you’ll expect to pay in 2018…


Number of Windows
Flat with 4 windows
House with 8 windows
House with 12 windows
House with 16 windows



The price varies according to the material used on the frames

uPVC is the least expensive material you can use on your double-glazing frames. uPVC, out of all materials used in the manufacture of double-glazing, is the most mass-produced, meaning that there are savings to be made if you select it for your home.


Aluminium is about 5-10% more expensive than uPVC. The use of this material has been growing in popularity over the last few years. Aluminium frames are much more durable even when they are less thick than uPVC, they’re very flexible because of the shapes it can be moulded into, and they will take a wide choice of colours for its finish.


Wooden frames are the most expensive, coming in at around 50% more than uPVC. Many homeowners prefer wooden frames because of their sustainability, security, sound-proofing, and the design extras you can customise your installation with.


Size of your home

How big your home is and how much of it you want to install double-glazing onto is the next big deciding factor on price.

Basically, the more doors and windows you have, the higher your bill for both raw materials and labour are going to be.


Special offers

At quieter times of the year, you may be able to secure some substantial discounts as companies will be looking to keep their fitters busy and may accept a smaller profit margin than on busier months.


Fitting dates

Speaking of fitters, the more flexible you can be with your dates of installation, the better.

It always costs double-glazing companies more to employ fitters for work on Saturdays, Sundays, and Bank Holiday Mondays than on standard weekdays. It may not be the ideal time to have windows installed when you’re trying to relax on time you’ve booked from work for holidays but it may save you a good amount of money.



There are thousands of double-glazing companies in the UK and the competition between them is fierce.

When getting quotes, make sure you go for at least three, trying to compare like-for-like.

At the same time, if possible, try to choose an established company with a good reputation for the quality of their double-glazing installations. Any reputable installer will be able to show you examples of previous installations together with excellent customer feedback because of the service it gives to customers.



Some of the biggest double-glazing companies have been able to grow into national businesses because they have well-trained salespeople who are expert at getting a great deal for their customers and can demonstrate enough value in their company to make a homeowner want to buy straight away.


There is nothing wrong with salespeople or companies which use salespeople.


However, if you do get a salesman into your home who is trying to sell you something on the day rather than someone who is just around to give you a quote, bear in mind the following two things –


a) The sales rep will be paid a commission based upon the profit the company makes on the order, and
b) Companies which use salespeople like to have quick answers from potential customers so they’re always ready to do a deal. Push them on price as much as you can and if a sales rep says “no” to the price you ask for, get them to call their manager there and then for authorisation for the discount.


Getting double-glazing for your home will enhance the experience of living there is so many ways. Take care and take time when selecting the right company for you.