If you’re thinking of selling your home, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best price possible.

A quick clean-up and a fresh lick of paint can do wonders for a house on the market but, today, homebuyers’ expectations are set much higher.

So, what are homebuyers looking for?

Of course, each person that will come to view your property will have their own priorities and preferences. But every savvy buyer will be on the lookout for one very important aspect – new windows.

Not only do new windows modernise and greatly improve the appearance of the home, they boost the value of your property significantly by placing potential buyers into a ‘long term investment’ frame of mind.

A safe and sustainable family home

Say your potential buyer is looking a new home for their growing family. They want somewhere that will accommodate their changing needs, yet remain reliable over the years. If small children are in the picture, the safety of the home will also be a vital requirement.

Newer designs of windows also tend to have more safety features. Modern windows with restrictors are limited in how much they are able to open. This greatly reduces the chance of anyone accidently falling out of them.

Where older windows tend to let air escape, modern windows are designed to keep all warm air inside the home. They also allow heat from the sun to enter through the glass, but not escape. That means the new owner will spend a lot less on their heating bill to make and keep their property warm.

Energy efficient homes are extremely popular, particularly with those who are more environmentally conscious. Inefficient windows allow heat to escape, meaning that energy is wasted. By sealing these off, buyers will only pay for what they use; resulting in a cheaper, greener home.

A considerable return on investment

If the potential buyer viewing your home is interested in buy-to-let, having new windows may make or break the sale. Later this year, new laws coming into force will mean rental properties must meet a minimum energy efficiency rating of E before a tenant can move in.

Whilst a buyer could invest in new windows themselves once they have purchased the property, updating them yourself will work in your favour. Buyers will almost always try to knock down your asking price. But, when there is home improvement work that needs doing, it is almost certain they will ask for an additional discount too.

Having new windows installed means the new owner can move right in. Moving home is stressful enough, and having home improvements to organise only adds to this. The added convenience of having new windows already installed is priceless, so buyers are much more likely to accept your initial asking price.

Are you selling your home?

If you’re planning on putting your home on the market, replacing old windows with new, efficient designs could greatly increase both the number of and the value of offers you receive.

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