If your home has single glazed windows, the chances are that you are wasting as much as 20 per cent of your home’s heating. Single glaze panes in windows and doors, as well as the frames that surround them, can be responsible for a massive amount of heat loss, and consequently cause you to waste a great deal of money. It also means that you are not getting the warmth and comfort that you are paying for, and having to endure unpleasant draughts and cold spots instead.

There is no need for you to lose out in this way, and as a matter of fact there are a few things that you can do to reduce heat wastage. The simplest and least expensive measure is to make sure that you have thick curtains on your windows, but this will only help you to a limited extent. It is by no means a foolproof method of heat retention and you certainly don’t want to have to have the curtains drawn all day long.

Increase the heat with new windows and doors

The best option is to replace your windows and doors with double glazing and uPVC frames. Although there is an initial expenditure for the installation, the long-term benefits are considerable. You will feel more comfortable in your nice warm home, and you will be spending considerably less on your energy bills. The Energy Savings Trust estimates that homeowners who replace single-glazed windows with double-glazing save around £170 per year on their heating bills as a result.

The benefits of replacement uPVC windows and doors

When you replace old single-glazed windows and their frames with new double-glazed windows and doors with uPVC frames, you will feel the difference immediately. Not only will there be no more unpleasant cold spots and draughts, but you will also find yourself needing to use less heating, which means lower bills and a decrease in your property’s carbon footprint. You will also benefit from a significantly quieter home, with noises from outside drastically reduced.

Stay warm and save on your energy bills

Double-glazing windows consist of two panes of glass, usually about 16 mm apart. The gap between the panes keeps warm air in and cold air out, thus dramatically reducing heat loss through windows and the panes of glass in doors. But it is not only the glazing that has an effect; uPVC window frames and doors also play an important role in keeping your energy bills down. In old frames, a lot of cold air can leak in through gaps around the windows, and there is very little that extra thick curtains can do to prevent this from making your home unnecessarily chilly.

The effectiveness of uPVC frames

The specific advantages of replacement uPVC windows and doors, as opposed to wooden or aluminium frames, include cost, effectiveness and longevity. Cheaper than wood and aluminium, and just as long lasting, uPVC is an increasingly popular choice with savvy homeowners. On average, you can expect to spend 30-50% less on uPVC windows and doors than those with aluminium frames, and uPVC requires almost no maintenance at all, which certainly cannot be said of wooden frames. Furthermore, uPVC windows and doors will come generally come with a guarantee period between five and ten years, but you can expect them to last for at least twenty years.
With so many benefits on offer, it is little wonder that homeowners are choosing to save on energy bills, and enjoy warmer winters at less cost, with replacement uPVC windows and doors.

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