Having sash windows in your home really can make it all the more special. These little bits of history are often ridiculously appealing to potential buyers and many owners could never be able to bear parting with such beautiful windows. With such beauty comes great responsibility though, and maintaining sash windows in your home can mean a little extra work on your part.

Though many view it as a labour of love, there are those who would rather rip out the windows and replace them with something more modern. Loosing sash windows in your property would be a huge shame and if you’re planning on keeping them then you need to make sure you know what you need to do to keep them in top condition.


It is recommended that sash windows are serviced every 12 to 15 years to ensure they stay in perfect working order. Really, this is the only proper maintenance that needs to be done on these windows.

There are plenty of professionals who would be happy to come out and service your windows for you and check if there are any problems. Most of these services offer repair services too so you could get any improvements or adjustments made at the same time; if they’re necessary.

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Common problems

The main problem that people find with sash windows in their home is that the windows may not slide properly. Obviously, this is due to the age of the windows and if you find that you encounter this problem it won’t necessarily mean your gorgeous sash windows are going to have to be ripped out and replaced with new PVC ones – instead you can choose to repair sash windows.

If you find that your windows aren’t sliding properly, all you need to do is get a professional in who will remove the frame, re-align your windows and re-cord them before replacing the frame. This should solve all your problems and means you can retain your traditional windows whilst getting the most out of them.

Cleaning and general care

On top of these specific maintenance tasks, you’ll obviously need to clean and care for your windows as normal. The type of cleaning methods you use will vary depending on the material used in your window frames but it is important that you remove any dirt, mould or mildew regularly. Keep an eye out for any signs of wear or tear and damage and if you spot something then get a professional service to investigate and tackle the problem before it has time to escalate.