If you are considering getting double glazing you’re probably wondering how much more secure these windows will be compared to the ones you have now. The good news is that advances in technology have led to stronger double glazing, and windows that are far harder for anyone to get through from outside.

Internal and External Window Beading

You may have seen double glazing with these beads installed and thought they were just to provide a good visual finish. However while they do look good they also have a security advantage. The existence of the internal beading means it would be extremely difficult for someone to remove the exterior beading and thus the window with it. This makes your home more secure, so it is wise to select a manufacturer and installer that provide this beading as standard.

Window & Door Locks

Obviously the locking mechanisms are extremely important to get right. Very often, the handle on a double glazed door needs to be pushed upwards to employ the bolts to lock it firmly into the frame. You can then turn the key to engage the lock in a more traditional sense too. This gives you double protection, both at the front and rear of your property if all such doors are double glazed.

Double Glazing Security

Double Glazing Security

Double glazed windows can often be locked slightly ajar to allow for air flow. You should also be able to shut them fully and lock them. Always remember to remove the key and keep it out of sight of anyone trying to look in.

Common Sense

You can have all the locks, toughened glass and security measures in the world. But common sense should still prevail over all else. Even the most securely locking door can still be breached if you forget to lock it at night, or before you go out.

Always remember to secure your home in other ways too, in order to maximise your security. Lay gravel in the driveway, plant prickly bushes underneath windows and add security lights to areas that may be prone to allowing someone to hide. All these measures will reinforce the security offered by your double glazing.

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