When you choose a double glazing company it makes sense to choose one that is accredited and recognised as a reputable and reliable company. To this end there are three main organisations to look out for. When you look at the details for any double glazing company, they should have one or more of the following accreditations.


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GGF stands for the Glass and Glazing Federation. Their aim is to continually raise and uphold quality standards in the glazing industry. If you hire a double glazing company that is a member of the GGF you can be sure the glazed units they use are second to none. All members will also be informed of the latest advances in the industry, further enabling them to provide you with the best quality glass. As such there is no real chance of getting substandard glazing products when you opt to use a company that is registered with the Glass and Glazing Federation.


FENSA isn’t an acronym as such – it stands for Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme. The GGF was just one of the bodies that helped to create FENSA. The idea is that new window installations must conform to the set standards in place for thermal performance in the home. If you opt for a double glazing company that is a member of FENSA, this will automatically be done on your behalf. Their membership enables them to self certify the installation meets all the legal requirements. You may see FENSA referred to as a Competent Person Scheme.
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Much like FENSA, CERTASS is a Competent Person Scheme. It focuses on ensuring top quality glazing products are installed in all manner of different homes. If a double glazing company is not a member of CERTASS, they would have to submit a building notice or seek approval from an inspector regarding the installation. However in much the same way as FENSA allows self certification, the CERTASS membership allows the same for the glazing industry.
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As you can see not all double glazing companies are the same. If you hire a company that holds membership of one or more of the above organisations (particularly with reference to FENSA and CERTASS) you know your installation will be much easier to complete. It will give you peace of mind and you’ll be aware that your installation will meet all current regulations without you needing to declare it.

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