In years gone by most people had single glazed windows consisting of just one pane of glass. But these windows, with their traditional wooden frames, will eventually need replacing. When the time comes to do this we now tend to replace them with double glazing instead.

Double glazed windows contain sealed units which are made from two panes of glass. These have a gap in between them that provides good insulation against the cold in winter, and helps to keep the heat inside the house when you need it most.

Single glazed windows are responsible for letting as much as 60% of the heat inside a home escape. This is why you’ll find your home stays heated far more effectively once you have the double glazing installed. The double paned unit also provides far better insulation against noise, which is particularly useful if you don’t have a front garden or if you live on a busy road.

Another benefit you’ll get from double glazing is that the glass helps to prevent the majority of condensation that you will typically see on single glazed windows. While the outside tends to be colder, the inside can retain the heat thanks to the double glazing process. If you were ever in any doubt that double glazing was the right choice to make for your home, you should now be able to see that it is the best decision you could make.

So How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

Of course if you want to get double glazing installed you must be prepared to pay for it. The price will depend on a number of factors:

  • How many windows you want to get replaced
  • What size the windows are
  • How many openers each window has
  • Whether there is any special glazing process to be used, i.e. tinted glass
  • Whether you want your doors replaced to match the windows

As you can see no two properties will be exactly the same. Most of the time the windows will cost a basic price, and then any special openers or additional requirements will be added on to provide the final quotation. On some occasions one opener will be included in the price and additional ones will cost extra.

But however many windows you will need to have double glazed, the main thing to remember is that they will start to pay for themselves once the installation is complete. This occurs because you won’t be losing heat through the glass anymore. This means your home will be warmer and you can reduce the temperature of your heating as a result. This saves on your fuel bills, which as you probably know can be very expensive indeed. So while you have to invest a reasonable amount in your double glazing, you won’t regret doing it.

The first step to take if you are considering investing in double glazing for your home is to get quotations for the work to be completed. Request a quote from us today so you can compare prices and work out which company to choose.

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